PROBLEM:  Summer in Austin is miserable.

SOLUTION: Road Trip!


We’re happy to announce that we will be fleeing the Texas heat this summer, to find glorious escape in the Colorado Rockies.  Colorado is one of our favorite places year round, and while we’ve spent a lot of time there in the Winter, it’s been awhile since we’ve experienced all the beauty that a Colorado summer has to offer.  the camping!  The rafting!  The funnel cakes! 1  The weddings!

So to celebrate, we’re offering to shoot a very limited number of weddings at a steal.  20% off of everything we offer for weddings happening in the Denver/Breckenridge area, Aspen, Telluride, and Durango between July 8 and August 21.  If you’ve been waiting until the last minute to nail down that perfect photographer, this one’s for you.

Getting married somewhere else in Colorado?  Get in touch.  We can probably work out something great.

Not getting married, but thinking it’s about time you did a portrait, couples, or family session?  Let us know!  We’d love to make it happen.


  1. yes, we know technically there’s nothing especially Coloradan about funnel cakes. But Nathan grew up spending long summers in Southwest Colorado, hiking and camping all over Durango, Montrose, Silverton and all the surrounding areas.  And every summer when the family made it to Silverton we stopped and had funnel cakes at Rocky Mountain Funnel Cakes in Silverton Colorado.  Those cakes were like the highlight of the summer.  We don’t know how Coloradan they are.  We don’t even know  if they’re really all that good.  We just know they’re nostalgic and they remind Nathan of wonderful family trips, so now whenever Amy and Nathan are in the area, Nathan takes Amy for a delicious, nostalgic funnel cake, and he even pays.  It’s way more fun than that old-timey train ride. and they taste like Colorado as far as we’re concerned. To each their own, right?  You can’t take the funnel cake joy away from us.