Album Order

Beginning your album design

Beginning your album design is a 3-step process.

1. Create a favorites list inside your image gallery and send it to us. See the below video for a walkthrough on how to create and send your favorites.

2. Select a leather option for your cover, from our online swatch booklet.

2. Give us a few details about your album, using this online form

Design & Proof

Once we have received both your detail form, and your favorites list, we will begin the process of designing your album.  Typical first drafts take about two weeks to deliver and are 30-40 pages in length.  You will receive an online proof.  Once you have your proof, you can make changes to the spreads by swapping images, and you can delete spreads you don’t want to keep.  Additional revisions take about 5-7 days.

Print & Delivery

Once you approve your album, you will be invoiced for any additional copies or additional spreads if required,  then the album will go immediately to press.  Printing and Shipping time is about 3 weeks.

Creating a favorites list