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Modern Timeless Heirlooms

Our albums are beautiful heirloom pieces, custom-designed by us and hand-bound by artisan bookmakers who have perfected gorgeous bookbinding. Pages are real photographic prints, printed on archival-quality Kodak papers, and carefully adhered to heavy mount board made to last for generations.

The book design is modern & minimal, with clean lines and no frills that distract from the luxe materials, or from the images inside. The books are simple, sophisticated, and beautiful.


And we mean flush

We literally searched worldwide to find books with the smallest gutter we could find. This means pages open up completely flat, and photos can print beautifully uninterrupted across page breaks. The gutter is so small it practically disappears when the page lays flat, and unlike many book makers who fold their pages across the gutter, there are no creases that crack, break, and wear-out over time.

Gorgeous Covers

Choose Your Own Adventure
Albums come in a range of beautiful covers, from classic top grain leathers to a number of premium textured leathers, calf skin, and lamb skin. We also offer a full range of premium faux leathers and linen covers for couples who prefer an animal-free option.
Tell Your Story
Starting with your favorite images, each album is designed to tell the story of your wedding, then you get access to a digital proof and the ability to submit 2 full rounds of changes. The album doesn't go to press until you're completely satisfied with the final design.

Designed by us. Approved by you.

Regardless of which size you choose, our designs are just like our books.  Modern, clean, and simple, based on classic principles of grid-design that allow the images to speak for themselves.  The designs are meant to give each image room to breathe and to avoid trendy design layouts that won't age well.  These timeless designs will look just as good on your diamond anniversary as they do today.

Additional Copies

Perfect for Parents & Grandparents

Get additional copies of your album at 30% off the original price. There is no limit to the number of additional copies you can purchase.

Additional copies make perfect gifts for parents & grandparents.

All second copies are exact replicas of your original album. No smaller sizes, no cheaper covers, no inferior printing. Just additional copies of your album at dramatically reduced prices.

Album Pricing

Available from 20-50 pages.

Number of pagesOriginal Album (10x10 or 8x12)Additional Copies

Album pricing includes top grain leather, faux leather, and linen covers.  for premium leathers, calf and lamb skin, add $50.

Unsure how many pages to order?

No sweat.  If you purchase an album with your collection, you lock in the collection pricing even if you add pages later.  Most of our couples purchase a 20-page album with their collection and add pages during the design process if they need to.  There’s no pressure to decide any of that now, since the prices won’t change on you.  You can also add additional copies at the reduced price at the time your album is ordered.   You don’t have to do it now.

Need exactly 34 pages?

No problem.  Pages can be purchased in 2-page spreads anywhere between 20 and 50 pages.  Just add $30 for every 2-page spread.