Care, Usage, and Rights

This is guide to help you care for your digital files to ensure they outlast you.

Technology is constantly evolving and changing.  If you store these files away and never think about them, one day while you aren’t paying attention they’re going to become obsolete, and you may have to spend a lot of money to have legacy technology updated, or you may even find there’s no way to recover your images.  It’s good to get in the habit of treating your digital files like an investment.  A little bit of know-how and upkeep will keep your images up to date and in good shape for the future.

This guide also provides you with information on how to get the best results when printing on your own, how to handle publishing and sharing with vendors, and it includes a copy of your legal image license.   The license is sometimes required by printers.

Please download a copy of this information from the link at the bottom of the page, and store it with your images in case you need it in the future.



Please back up your image files. Don’t let your wedding memories fall victim to a technology failure. Make at least two backups, and store one of them outside your home, or online. Bank safe boxes or a parent’s home are good options for an external site.

Uploading files to websites like Facebook & Tumblr will re-compress images and downsize them for the web, and are not suitable for backup. Share photos online as much as you want, but don’t rely on social networking sites for image storage or archiving. If you want to backup online, use a service that does not alter your original file, such as Carbonite, Backblaze, Zenfolio, or Smugmug, or a cloud service like Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, or iCloud Drive

If your images are lost as the result of a technology failure, we can not guarantee we will be able to replace them for you in the future.


JPEGS need proper care to last forever. JPEGS are a lossy format. Anytime they are opened & saved, information is permanently lost. Files will eventually degrade significantly. Avoid opening files in image editors like Photoshop.

Create a Master File by moving your images to a dedicated USB drive or external hard drive. When using an image, copy the file you need from your Master File to your computer and use the copy. Never open, crop, print or upload images directly from the Master File. Using copies will ensure that you never inadvertently damage original files, so you can get the original from your Master File. Keep your backups separate from your master file.

Technology changes overtime. Traditional USB drives are already becoming incompatible with modern computers. To ensure your images stay with you over time, you will need to transfer your files to newer forms of storage as they become available.

When In Doubt, Print.



• Load your images onto a phone, tablet or digital picture frame
• Upload images for personal use on social networking sites and personal web sites
• Re-size images for use on the web
• Crop photos to use as profile pictures or online avatars
• Upload your images to an online back-up system
• Print any image an unlimited number of times in any size
• Print images as gifts for friends & family
• Crop images to accommodate printing
• Use images in Christmas cards, thank you cards, photo books, etc.


• Distribute digital files to anyone else for their use
• Upload images to a sharing site for others to download
• Use digital images in any way to promote any commercial entity
• Enter image contests that award cash or merchandise prizes
• Distribute files to other vendors
• Sell, re-license or sub-license files to anyone else
• Creatively edit or digitally manipulate images
• Print them as part of any product intended for resale


If you lose or inadvertently destroy a digital file we may be able to offer you a replacement. We can not guarantee that we can provide replacements. If we do still have your images archived, we will replace them as follows:

single image download $75
full edit download $150
re-editing of images $125/hr (only if required)

Prices listed are current pricing for estimation purposes. Products & Prices are subject to change without notice.


Maybe we’re old fashioned but pictures look better in print. Try making real photographs from your favorite images. We think you’ll like it.

Don’t use drug-store or discount big box photo labs. Their photo systems are fully automated and introduce unwanted color casts and other yuck. Here are some photo labs we recommend using instead:
Your local photography shop

Albums a great way to display the best of your wedding imagery for future generations. Albums become family heirlooms. They get passed down, become historical records. They will outlast today’s technology. Albums are a great way to archive and future-proof your wedding images.


We’d love to see your wedding published on your favorite wedding blog or magazine. If you are interested in submitting, let us know. We can handle submitting images on your behalf. We will focus on images most likely to be accepted for publication, and ensure the images look the best they can. Please don’t submit files for publication on your own.


We happily share photos from your wedding with your other vendors to help them publicize their own great work. If you gave us complete vendor information when you filled out your pre-wedding worksheet, we are already preparing to share images with them automatically.

Your license does not allow you to share photos directly with vendors. There are some restrictions we place on vendor use of images, and we need to be able to communicate with them directly. If a vendor asks you for photos, have them contact us directly and we will be happy to share with them. We typically do not charge vendors for use of images to promote their work.

We know sometimes things don’t go the way you’d hoped, and we know these images are deeply personal. If you had a negative experience with a vendor, and do not want them to have access to your images, please notify us immediately. If we have not already shared images, we will remove them from our share list. If we have already shared access, we will do whatever we can to limit and end access.


Digital File Guide