you have questions...

Do you travel for weddings?

Yes, we travel nationally and internationally to tell your story. Our passports are current, and our bags are packed.

Weddings more than 60 miles from our home base of Austin will incur travel fees. Contact us for a quote on how to get us to you.

Are you the actual photographers who will shoot my wedding?

Yes. We do not sub-contract weddings to other photographers under any normal circumstance. In some cases, we may need to bring in an outside second shooter to shoot with us.  This happens if we already have a 1-photographer wedding on the books, and you want to hire 2 photographers.   In those cases, we'll let you know before you sign that one of us isn't available, and we use highly qualified 2nd shooters who shoot in a similar style to us.  In any case at least one of us will be at your wedding, and we'll never subcontract you out to some other photographer you don't know.  (This doesn't include an emergency situation.  If something catastrophic happens and one or both of us can't make it to your wedding, we'll work very hard to get a qualified photographer there in our place.  But in 10 years of shooting weddings, we've never yet had to do this.)

Will you both be at my wedding?

Most of the time.  We offer both one & two photographer collections.  The two photographer collection is right for most American weddings, but the single photographer plan can be great for smaller, more intimate affairs.  If you go with a single photographer collection either Amy or Nathan or will be your photographer.  If you go with a 2 photographer collection,  in most cases we'll both be at your wedding. In some cases we may bring in a qualified second photographer to shoot your wedding with us, but we'll let you know that before you sign on the dotted line.  Either way, at least one of us will always be at your wedding.

What is included in your wedding packages?

Our wedding coverage includes up to 8 hours of photography on the day of your wedding, fully edited images, full resolution digital files provided via digital download with a personal use license, and online gallery for sharing with friends and family.  We offer a full range of services that you can add to any collection.

What is the difference between your wedding & elopement packages?

Our elopement package includes 1 photographer for 4 hours of coverage, fully edited images, high resolution digital files with a personal use license, and an online gallery.  Elopement packages are only available Monday-Thursday.

What is required to book you?

For your protection, before we can reserve your date we require that you have a firm date selected & a venue under contract.

We require a signed contract and a 50% non-refundable reservation fee to secure your wedding date on our calendar. We take payments online via all major credit and debit cards. We also accept cash & checks.

Do you charge sales tax?

If your physical address lies within the state of Texas, we are required to charge state and local sales tax equal to 8.25% on all sales, regardless of where your wedding occurs.

If your physical address lies outside the state of Texas, we do not collect sales tax, even if your wedding occurs in Texas.

Laws are funny things.

Do you require a deposit?

We require a reservation fee equal to 50% of your total package cost to secure your wedding day on our calendar. There are a limited number of days each year that we can shoot weddings. For this reason, all reservation fees are non-refundable.

The balance of your total is due 14 days before your wedding.

Do I get a written contract?

Absolutely. A contract is required for the sake of everyone involved.

Do you have insurance?

Yes, we carry liability insurance and equipment insurance on all of our gear. We're covered!

What is your cancellation policy?

In order to do our very best work for all of our clients, we take a limited number of weddings each year. That means that when we secure your date on our calendar, we turn away any other work. Because of this, once we have reserved your date, all reservation fees are non-refundable.

Do you have backup equipment?

Yes, we come to every wedding with lots of backup equipment including extra cameras, duplicate copies of our most important lenses, and lighting backup.

Do you have a good plan for backing up our images?

Yes. We actually make a backup of your images automatically while we are shooting your wedding, so we have one backup already when we leave your wedding. Your images stay on our person at all times until we have made three backups of your wedding day, including one housed in a secure vault off-site. We do everything we can to make sure your images are safe, even in the worst possible scenario.

Do you shoot more than one wedding in a day?

The photographer or photographers who will be at your wedding will never shoot a different wedding on the same day as yours.  Since we offer 1-photographer packages, we do sometimes book 2 weddings on the same day: one for each of us.  But there's no need to worry that your photographer has other commitments on the same day as your wedding.  That won't happen.

What will you wear to my wedding?

Our goal is to pretty much blend in with your guests. Amy will be in a dress, and Nathan typically wears a suit and tie without a jacket. We're carrying a lot of equipment around all day so things like jackets just aren't practical. But our hope is to look like we could be guests if we didn't have 30 pounds of equipment around our shoulders.

We never wear anything to make us stand out, and we also don't show up in all-black pajamas.

When do you arrive & how long will you shoot?

Each wedding is different, so this kind of thing varies a lot. We'll work with you based on the total number of hours you have us booked and your individual timeline to decide the best time for us to start taking photos.

What happens if my event runs long?

We're not clock watchers. If your event runs 10 or 15 minutes late, we're not going to walk out, and we're not going to charge you by the minute.

If your event is going to run more than 15 or 20 minutes late and you need us to stay significantly past our original end time, we handle that on a case-by-case basis.   If we are able to stay past our original time, we charge an hourly rate plus 20%. the hourly rate charged will be the rate in effect at the time of your actual wedding, which may differ from the rate when you booked us.  You will be invoiced for additional time the week after your wedding, and images will not be delivered until any balance is paid in full.    Please note because of our shooting and travel schedule, there are times when we are not able to offer additional coverage.

Do you shoot in color or black & white?

We shoot weddings in digital, which means all of our images start out in color. However, in your final edit we deliver a mix of black & white (BW) and color. Some images just look better as one or the other, and often we'll take an image with the intention of delivering it as a BW. Generally, we deliver about 2/3 to 3/4 of our weddings in color and 1/4 to 1/3 in BW.

What about that selective color thing, where everything is black & white except for my eyes?

Yeah, no, we don't do that.


Probably not.

Do you use an assistant? Is there a charge?

Typically we do not work with assistants, unless a specific situation warrants it.  If we feel like we need an assistant at your wedding, we'll check in with you in advance to work out the details.

Can other people take photos while you are taking photos?

In a nutshell, yes, absolutely. Our contract requires that we are the only pros at your wedding. This is to keep confusion down and make sure you get the best possible service on your wedding day. We're happy for your guests to take all the photos they want throughout the evening. The only portion of the day we ask guests not to come along and take photos is during couple portraits.  You might consider asking your guests to 'unplug' during your ceremony and refrain from taking photos during that time, but that is not something we require. For more information on unplugging your ceremony, check out this post.

Will you accept a list of specific photos to be taken?

As part of the planning process, we will ask you for a list of family portraits you'd like, as well as a short list of anything that is particularly unique to your wedding; things that might be easy to miss if we weren't aware of them ahead of time, like maybe you're going to pin your grandmother's favorite broach to your bouquet. Or maybe at the end of your first dance, the pope is going to parachute into the reception and do a tap routine to "Call Me, Maybe." It's things like this we'd love for you to let us know about so we can be in the right place at the right time to capture those unique artifacts and moments.

We recommend you not give us an extensive shot list that outlines your entire wedding. These lists really hobble our ability to take great images of your wedding. We'll spend the whole day making sure we're checking stuff off your list and in the meantime, we'll be missing all of the amazing moments that are happening that no one can really plan for. These are the moments we think are going to mean the most to you later on.

Do you take any formal portraits?

We kind of hate the word 'formal' but yes, we do definitely take portraits at every wedding we shoot. Before your wedding, we will ask you for a list of family portraits & wedding party photos that you'd like to have taken at your wedding. Based on that list, we'll work with you to schedule the appropriate amount of time into your timeline. We'll take as few or as many as are important to you, provided we get the requested amount of time we need to do it.

In addition to that time, we  ask for about 25 minutes on your wedding day set aside  to take some great portraits of the two of you together.

What do we get when it's all said and done?

Our basic wedding coverage includes a final set of images delivered to you via an online gallery. The gallery includes an instant download for you, that contains all the hi-resolution files.  The gallery is also great for sharing with friends and family, and includes an online store for purchasing beautiful, professional prints. We also offer beautiful leather-bound albums as add-ons to our basic wedding coverage.

As part of the edit process, we will cull the images we took at your wedding down to the very best images that tell your story, and everything we deliver will be edited for color & exposure and given our look & feel. Certain portions of the day also receive basic retouching of skin and other minor retouching. Basically, everything we deliver to you will look like what you see on our website. We don't deliver images out of camera, or only edit a few select images.

How many photos do we get at the end?

Every single wedding is a really unique event and so it is impossible for us to guarantee a certain number of images. In general, our average edit is between 600-800 photos.

How long does it take to get my images?

Your images will be ready for delivery 5-8 weeks after your wedding.

What if we want more retouching?

Typically any retouching you need is covered in our basic wedding coverage. If you do find something we missed that should have been dealt with, we're happy to make it right.

Not included in our basic coverage is extensive retouching that is a result of things outside our control. For instance, removing tanlines, correcting for mis-matched makeup, lightening makeup, correcting for clothes that don't fit properly, removing people or objects from the background of images etc.  These types of edits require extensive work, and are not included in our basic coverage. If you require this kind of work we can quote you a price for retouching services for a specific image or group of images. This is really very rare.  Most of our clients never require additional editing.