Hello, friends.

We’re launching a fundraising campaign to help raise money for Aleppo relief efforts. All of us are talking about how we wish we could do something, and admonishing our national leaders, so let’s do something. Let’s do it now.

To that end, we are pledging to donate $1000 in matching funds to Preemptive Love Coalition, alongside all of our friends and family who will donate with us. If you donate a dollar, we donate a dollar. If you donate $100, we donate $100, until we’ve raised $2000.

Join us. Donate here:

We’ve seeded the campaign with an initial gift of $325, and will match all funds once we hit $650 in total gifts. Join us, skip Starbucks today, share this with your friends, you get the idea. Let’s make this happen.


UPDATE: We did it, guys. We reached our goal of $2000 and all in a single day, thanks to the generosity of so many. THANK YOU.
Love, Amy & Nathan