I wish I could show you...the astonishing light of your own being.
— Hafiz
wedding January 24, 2017 Carina & Roland (Married) If there is no love in the world, we will make a new world, and we will give it walls, and we will furnish it with soft, red interiors, from the inside out, and give it a knocker that resonates like a... giving December 15, 2016 For Aleppo   Hello, friends. We're launching a fundraising campaign to help raise money for Aleppo relief efforts. All of us are talking about how we wish we could do something, and admonishing ou... couples + engagements December 2, 2016 Calli & Kyle (engaged) I love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest. -- William Shakespeare bridal October 25, 2016 Becca (bridal) Becca & Chris married this past weekend, in Comfort, Texas, and that means we can finally share some of these images from Becca's bridal session, at the absolutely adorable Camp Comfort. wedding October 11, 2016 Molly & Keneth, Married I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you. I love you, not only for what you have made of yourself but for what you are making of me. -- Roy Croft   ... Featured October 1, 2016 Amy & Dale (Married) Even after all this time The Sun never says to the Earth, "You owe me." Look what happens with a love like that, It lights the whole sky. — Hafiz   Congratulations September 30, 2016 Congratulations, Callie & Kevin wedding September 28, 2016 Windnie & Brian, Married What greater thing is there for two human souls, than to feel that they are joined for life-- to strengthen each other in all labor, to rest on each other in all sorrow, to minister to each other in a... Congratulations September 22, 2016 Congratulations, Allie & David couples + engagements September 11, 2016 Allie & David (Engaged)  Love is an energy which exists of itself. It is its own value. -- Thornton Wilder