Holiday Album Sale Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for Album Design and Manufacture

By accepting our terms and conditions and paying your design deposit, you agree to the following conditions.


  1. You are entering into a service and product agreement with You Are My True for the design and manufacture of one or more photo albums.  The design deposit covers our time and effort for the design of the album, and is not refundable once the design process has begun.
  2. You agree to submit your image selection to be used for album design to You Are My True in a timely manner.  Upon execution of deposit, You Are My True will send you an online image gallery within 36 hours.   You agree to submit your image choices through the online image gallery system to You Are My True before design process will begin.
  3. Your initial design will be completed within 5 business days.
  4. Upon completion of initial design, you will receive a digital proofing link that will display your draft.  You may make changes, cuts, and additions to the initial design.  Design changes must be submitted through our online proofing system.  Change requests will not be accepted via email or text.
  5. turnaround for drafts between change requests is 3 business days.
  6. You will receive two rounds of changes as part your album cost.  If you require additional rounds of changes (excluding changes required as the result of an error on our part),  changes will be invoiced at a rate of $99 per round and added to your final bill.
  7. upon approval of your final album design, you will be invoiced for the final design.  The final invoice will include the second half of your initial album, plus any cover upgrades, page additions, additional album copies, and any additional rounds of changes.   Your final balance must be paid before album will be sent to print.  If you fail to pay the final balance, album will not enter production, and you agree to forfeit the design deposit as payment for services already rendered.
  8. upon receipt of your final balance, your album will be put into production.  production time is typically 14 business days.  Your order includes free expedited delivery via FedEx to one address.  All albums will be sent to a single shipping address.  If you require albums to be sent to multiple addresses you must notify us in advance, and upon making arrangements, we will invoice you for additional shipping costs, and may add up to 5 days to your shipping time to accommodate drop shipping. Shipping is included of for shipping within the continental us.  Shipping rates and times to international destinations will vary.
  9. Shipped album will be an exact print of your approved album design. When you approve the album design for print, you indemnify You Are My True against any claims as that are the result of mistakes in the design that was approved by you.   Album will not be eligible for refund or reprint for any reason except for manufacturing defects.  Albums will not be reprinted or refunded for any other reasons including but not limited to misspellings, incorrect dates or information, or rejection of specific images that were present in the final approved design.  If you discover a design problem upon receipt of the printed album, we may be able to reprint your album for a reduced fee that varies based on the final number of pages in your album. Reprint will be contingent upon payment in full of that reduced printing fee.   Please Double-Check everything during the design approval.
  10.   If you are ordering a re-print of an existing album only, the reprint will be an exact design replica of your original copy.  Changes to the design are not possible, with the exception of the album cover. You may select a new cover.
  11. If you are ordering a re-print, you undersdand that our album manufacturer may have changed since the manufacture of your album. Though your design will be identical,  There may be minor differences in the physical conception of the book as a result of manufacturer change. Changes may include but are not limited to, differences in page thickness, binding style, cover, cover embossing, printing substrate, and minor alterations in the finished printing size.   You agree to accept these physical differences as part of the inevitable passage of time, and indemnify You Are My True from any claims as the result of a change in manufacturer. In all cases the changes to the physical book will be minor. Our current bookmaker prints the highest quality albums we’ve ever offered, so the finished book will at least equal in overall quality, print quality, and durability to your original album. Changes to aesthetics that are subjective in nature will not be a grounds for rejecting the final product.
  12. In order to receive albums on or before December 24 2018, you agree to meet certain deadlines.  Image choices must be submitted to You Are My True via our online gallery system no later than November 1, 2018, and Design approval and Final payment must be received no later than November 30, 2018.  if you fail to meet these deadlines, your album or albums may not be shipped until after January 1, 2019.
  13. Design deposits are valid for 365 days.  You must approve a final design and pay your final balance within 1 calendar year of submitting your design deposit, or you agree to forfeit the deposit.