What should I wear for my engagement photos? We get asked this a lot. The truth is, there’s not a right or wrong answer to this question. Fantastic engagement pictures should be all about you– not your clothes. But we do have some recommendations because when you feel great, that translates into your photos.

forget those rules they taught you

We don’t spend too much time worrying about a lot of the old rules about what to wear. Are light colors okay? Can we wear jewel tones? Should I avoid patterns?  What about stripes?  Don’t worry too much about it. If you like the way you look in something in real life, you’ll probably like the way you look in it in photos.  Colors and patterns don’t ruin pictures, in fact, they can be great. Wear something you love, that you feel confident in. Choose your go-to favorite outfit that you get tons of compliments on every time you wear it.

Don’t Go Crazy with Wardrobe Changes

Usually we recommend you plan one or two outfits. We shoot engagement sessions in the evening when the light is beautiful, and when the sun goes down, we’re done.  So let’s make sure we spend as much time shooting as possible.  We don’t want to waste your shoot doing a bunch of wardrobe changes, which always take longer than you expect. For most couples, one outfit is plenty. Also consider how you can use layers to maximize one look, instead of doing full wardrobe changes.

Dress up, or down?

We recommend you wear your best version of your most casual self.  In other words, you don’t want to look like you’re dressed for church or work.  Instead wear something that looks sharp and great, but doesn’t feel too stuffy.  Something you’d wear on a date.

Think about your engagement location.  If you’re shooting in an urban or downtown setting, wear something that you’d wear for a fun night out, or to a new restaurant.  Girls can’t go wrong with a solid or bold print dress. For guys, flat-front trousers or crisp jeans with a button-down shirt. (Tie is optional.) If we’re shooting in cooler months, layers are a great idea because they diversify your look, and a sweater or a great coat make for an immediate upgrade.

engagement_0035 engagement_0021 engagement_0006
engagement_0018 engagement_0022

All of these locations were in the heart of the city. You may feel a little silly traipsing all over downtown in a fancy dress with heels. But you’ll be amping things up. Maybe even better, you’re creating some contrast between your outfit and your surroundings. You two look like you should be at the ballet… but you’re on the pedestrian bridge? Exactly.

If you’re shooting out in nature, you can go a bit more casual. For ladies, a great choice is always a cute top with jeans and flats, or a casual sundress. For guys, a button-down shirt and jeans. Definitely an upgrade from lounging around on the weekend, the key to this look is to keep it simple and tasteful. If you’d normally sport flipflops with your jeans, go for some nicer shoes to up the ante.



Match Game

Whatever you do, don’t try to match. You don’t want to be that couple. Instead, coordinate. You should look like you’re going to the same place or event. Pick out your stuff together, and make sure what you’re wearing looks great together. If all else fails, ask Amy for some input. She actually enjoys this sort of thing and has Pinterest boards to prove it.